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FaetoRO is a new High Rate server modified to a pre-renewal gaming experience. The server opened on August 01, 2017. FaetoRO dedicated to attract players from all over the world in our own ways. Explore a new high rate server where you don't have to make donation to get the best items. You can obtain items and rewards by farming, doing quests, or by just participating in automated and GM hosted events. We strive to bring players in and keep the community with constant updates, fixes, and live communication through discord.

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September 12-14 Updates
Posted by FaetoRO
New Updates! 10 August 20..
Posted by FaetoRO
August 30, 2017
Posted by FaetoRO
Tuesday, August 1st, 2017
Posted by FaetoRO
Textured Border in CSS
Posted by FaetoRO
Firefox 3.5
Posted by FaetoRO
Contestation about HTML 5
Posted by FaetoRO
Form Objects in HTML 4
Posted by FaetoRO
DOM Tutorial
Posted by FaetoRO
Wednesday - Fadhgridh 00:00-01:00
Friday- Repherion 02:00-03:00
Saturday - Fadhgridh 00:00-01:00
  • PLAYER:[GM]Wolf
  • KILL / DEATH:4/0
  • GUILD:Faeto Ragnar
  • GUILD NAME:  Faeto Ragnarok
  • GUILD LEADER:  [GM]Faeto
  • CASTLE:  27 owned